Search User’s gists

Listing all the Gists search('_USERNAME').listall()

Fetch all the GistsNames of a Github User.


Only recent 30 gists will be shown as per the Github API v3'_USERNAME').listall()

Listing the required number of Gists search('_USERNAME').list(integar)

Fetch only the limited number of Gists.



integar is required as an argument which will limit the number of Gists to be listed.'_USERNAME').list(2)

Fetching the contents of a Gist using GistName search('_USERNAME').content(params)

Fetch the contents of a Gist by name (GistName).'_USERNAME').content(name='_GISTNAME')

Fetching the contents of any Gist using GistID search('').content(id='_GISTID')

Fetch by id (GistID)'').content(id='_GISTID')

Fetch GistName search('').getgist(id='_GISTID')

Fetch Gist’s name by provoding it’s ID i.e. GistID.'').getgist(id='_GISTID')